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NEERMAN helps programmes deliver impacts through design and operationalisation of Monitoring & Learning (M&L) Systems. We develop M&L systems through stakeholder consultation so that the system acts as an implementation tool, and not an audit tool. We help organizations architect Android or Web platforms for their monitoring systems, and design ICT-driven accountability mechanisms. Apart from data driven M&L Systems, we also analyse monitoring data and conduct process evaluations to generate learnings for the programmes.


NEERMAN’s expertise in econometrics, biostatistics and epidemiological research methods enable us to conduct rigorous impact evaluations and causal inference research. We are adept at designing and implementing randomized controlled trials, matched cohort studies, quasi-experimental designs, regression discontinuity designs, and case-control studies for a range of interventions in Water-Sanitation-Hygiene, Public Health, Energy, Nutrition, Child Protection, and other sectors.


NEERMAN’s survey division was established because no other survey firm in India could meet our expectations of international-quality processes and rigour of data collection. Over time, we perfected our procedures to ensure high-quality data on time. We also built a pan-India network of more than 2000 enumerators and supervisors who are individually whetted by us. Today, our survey division works directly with other research organizations and international universities who truly value data quality.


NEERMAN conducts a variety of policy research studies such as cross-sectional descriptive surveys, willingness-to-pay or demand assessments, choice or conjoint analyses, and cost-effectiveness studies. We are experts in the rigorous measurement of economic, social, health, nutrition, and environmental variables using small- to large-scale statistically robust surveys. We strive to apply cutting edge statistical and economic methods including recent advances in machine learning-based inference.

The Center for Healthcare Transformation (Heat), a subsidiary of NEERMAN, provides monitoring and evaluation services focused on healthcare delivery towards the goal of healthcare system strengthening in India. We focus on providing our clients with full service rigorous evaluations as well as clinical quality improvement tools to improve healthcare delivery processes. We leverage the clinical and research experience of our team to empower our clients to make evidence based decisions regarding investment in novel healthcare delivery mechanisms.

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