Sumeet Patil, PhD
Research Director
Nandish Kenia, MPP
Senior Programme Manager
Nandish Kenia, MA, MPP
Senior Programme Manager
Anshuman Paul
Research Manager
Lancy Darwin
Senior Operations and Finance Manager
Sneha Nimmagadda
Research Manager
O. P. Pandey
Senior Field Manager
Somalee Banerjee, MD, MPH
Senior Research Fellow
Navika Harshe
Senior Research Manager
Amit Patil
Senior Data Manager
Suresh Vinerkar
Field Director
Sagar Kadam
Senior Research Manager
Komal Jain
Research Associate
Shubhi Jindal
Research Associate


NEERMAN partners with the following organizations

as our field surveys and measurement partners.


Consumer Insights and Research

CmIR is a field survey and data tabulation company promoted by NEERMAN to collect high quality primary data for our own research by having complete control over the field operations. CmIR works in partnership with Median research in conducting large scale surveys across India.

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